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Bay FC's Camberos Back To Club América?

It appears that Scarlett Camberos is heading back home to Mexico’s América Femenil according to the reports coming from Mexican outlets including FOX Sports Mexico. This comes to a surprise to fans across due to the issues with a harassment situation that forced her into a position to leave América Femenil in the first place. She headed to Angel City FC originally before requesting to be traded, and was acquired by Bay FC in December of 2023 prior to the start of their inaugural season. 

Image from Rocha Multimedia / Rocha Report

Scarlett is currently away from Bay FC due to international duties with the Mexican Women’s National Team, but it appears that there is to be a change for both the club and player. 

Scarlett Camberos is a player that was featured heavily in the starting lineup for the NWSL-expansion side Bay FC for their inaugural season, but in the most recent weeks it appears that head coach Albertin Montoya has decided to adjust formations due to recent results. This unfortunately was due to a minor injury and due to also reporting for international duties.

As someone who has been covering the team the entire season, Scarlett seemed to have good chemistry with her counterparts on the pitch, and seemed to play a very solid role in producing for the attacking pressure for Bay FC. She only has one goal on the entire season, but has played 10 out of 16 games for Bay FC as of July 9th, 2024. 

Scarlett seemed to be doing a great job on the ball, bringing the ball towards the goalie by beating most of her 1-v-1’s, and creating chances for her teammates although she doesn’t have a credited assist. There was a period of time right before her international assignment though where things seemed to have been off in her individual play, and there might have been discussions about some changes behind the scenes although there is nothing to report specifically detailing this. 

It appears that Scarlett’s time in the NWSL is coming to an end, unless something changes. But all the signs are in the media are that the road is back home. 

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