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As long as I can remember, I was always interested in showcasing my creativeness. I went through a number of different fields, and I was able to find the one that I loved the most. In 201, I launched my brand “Rocha Multimedia”, and the journey began. Ever since I was a little kid, I always had a passion for photography, but never did I think about doing it professionally. I was always told by people close to me that I had the “eye” for it, and finally I took the leap, and it has brought me to new heights. I have always been someone who likes to create moments and I put that same feeling when it comes to my work. I am Jose Rocha, and this is Rocha Multimedia or something I like to label as “Life from a different point of view.”


My journey has taken me all over the places in many different types of environments such as capturing the night life of the entertainment scenes in Las Vegas and San Jose, to across different sports locations such as San Francisco, Monterey, and San Jose, to ringside for promotions such as Big Time Wrestling, West Coast Pro Wrestling, Bryckhouse Wrestling and All Pro Wrestling. 


My work has been showcased in many areas spanning from the likes of Major League Soccer, NISA Soccer, San Jose Earthquakes, San Jose Ultras, Voyage Magazine, Area Sports Network, Big Time Wrestling, Tectonic Takes, etc. 

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