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Breaking News: Raiders Players Publicly Call For Pierce To Be Hired Today

We are starting to see Las Vegas Raiders players publicly call for the hiring of Antonio Pierce today after reports from Ian Rappaport has confirmed that there is legit interest in Antonio Pierce, becoming head coach at other locations.

Across social media, we have seen the likes of Jack Jones, Maxx Crosby, and countless of Las Vegas Raiders fans call for the hiring to finally happen. Well, we were able to see, in this quick turnaround, has been what raider fans have been wanting over the last few years.

Currently there is a scheduled visit this weekend with the Tennessee Titans, and if the Raiders want to retain Antonio peers, it looks like the clock is ticking in Las Vegas.

Over the last few seasons, with the Raiders, we have seen the likes of John Gruden and Josh McDaniels, and unfortunately, nothing has been put in place to change the culture as much as Antonio Pierce did. The only time that we have seen something close to this with the Raiders recently was with former special teams, coach, at the time, Rich Bisaccia. There was a major call for him to become head coach, and unfortunately, the Las Vegas Raiders went to the person they are now looking to replace in Josh McDaniels.

Bisaccia was able to unite the team, after Gruden's departure due to a scandal which is currently being fought in court, and rally the Raiders to the playoffs. Well, Antonio Pierce was very close to doing a similar thing. Even after the season looked like it was completely lost. The Raiders were able to put together a formula that did produce wins and produce wins against some of their tougher opponents. although things weren't perfect, Antonio Pierce had a running record in his short time as the head coach of the Las Vegas, Raiders, and the games that they lost were close score games.

We have seen a changing of the guard in the NFL. We have seen legendary coaches, such as Pete Carroll, and Bill Belichick depart their respective organizations. The replacement for Bill Belichick in New England, after 24 years, is Jerod Mayo. This type of hiring is very similar to what the Raiders could do to fill their own head coaching vacancy, and it appears that throughout the league this might become the norm moving forward. Former players turned head coaches. This is very interesting to see that within a few days of the reported interview with the Tennessee Titans, the sense of urgency with the Raiders player's publicly calling for Pierce to be hired right now. If this is something that the Raiders decide not to do, what will this mean for the entire organization moving forward. The whole organizations reputation in terms of the player standpoint is on the line with this decision. The experiments have been made, and up to this point it is not allowed the team to floors in the way that they have done in the short amount of time with Antonio peers. we will see what happens within the next few days, and the rest of the moves to be made in the off-season, but it feels like a dramatic decision will have to be made very quickly for the Las Vegas Raiders.

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