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Changing the Landscape | Lionel Messi to Miami

One of the best athletes in the world is bringing his talents to South Beach, and is about to change the landscape of the state of sports here in the United States. Major League Soccer has been a league that has been continuing to grow with every year passing. We have seen athletes from all over the world come to the United States to play the game of football/soccer, but never anyone the likes of Messi.

The only time we saw something the likes of what is about to come was when David Beckham came to join the LA Galaxy from Real Madrid. At that time, we saw major investors join come into play, and the investment, because of Beckham joining, came quickly. MLS coverage was all over the play from ads, sponsorships, and media coverage about the league as whole. To get David Beckham, the owners of MLS came together to create a deal that allowed him ownership of a future expansion club and that club came to be Inter Miami. At the time the deal that was created for Beckham was unheard of, but we get to see something similar with Beckham's Inter Miami Club bringing in Leo Messi to join the team.

Lionel Messi's impact on the field is immeasurable. His extraordinary skills, astounding goal-scoring record, creative playmaking abilities, consistency, versatility, and inspirational leadership qualities have shaped an era of football like no other. Messi's impact is not only limited to the records he has shattered but also encompasses his influence on young players and the evolution of the sport. As we witness his magical performances and push the boundaries of soccer, we can only wonder at the indelible mark Lionel Messi will forever leave on the beautiful game.

Messi on Apple TV Branding (Image: Apple TV+ App)

Messi's impact extends far beyond the field, as his influence has helped redefine modern soccer. Young players worldwide aspire to emulate his style and technique, and coaches strive to incorporate his tactics into their teams. The impact of Messi's legacy is felt in the evolution of the game itself, shaping new generations of footballers and forever changing the way the sport is played, and now he will also be changing the way the image of soccer in the US forever. This is on a level similar to, if, Michael Jordan, in his prime, went to another league in the world. We have a player, in Messi, coming off a good year with Paris Saint-Germain and coming off a campaign where Argentina became World Cup winners.

This move is one of the biggest moves in all of american sports history, and we will see a change in the entire country. We are already seeing major hype from the international football/soccer communities, and we have seen the online communities get connected to the league. Inter Miami's social media presence has increased by the millions. New outlets from all over the world have been connected to the MLS movement from countries all over. The one thing that is for sure is that with Messi's presence the league will also adapt, which mean teams will become even more invested as well. We are already seeing so much happen due to the news of Messi coming to the US, and this is just the start.

Messi on Apple TV Branding (Image: Apple TV+ App)


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