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Coachella Valley Invitational: The New Go-To Soccer Spectacle Redefining Fan Experiences

The Coachella Valley Invitational takes place on the grounds of the Empire Polo Club in Indio California, and is the home to one of the newest sports taking place. 16 professional soccer organizations come together to start their preseason with an exciting schedule of matchups that feature teams from across the United States. Teams featured include both Los Angeles men's professional teams, both New York men's professional teams, and even women's teams from the NWSL, including the brand new Bay FC. These clubs come together to play slate of matches that allow fans to take in up to four games a day with games playing walking distance away from each other.

The set up on the grounds for the Coachella Valley Invitational was set up in a luxurious way that offers anyone attendee to enjoy the view of games taking place, and to enjoy all of the various food options, scenery, and all of the fun festivities. With any seat, you can get one of the best seats in the area, and you are footsteps away from all the action to the point that you can even hear the coaches giving instructions clear as day. You get to see the competition within the respected organizations, and then against their opponents on the pitch. This is where the next year starts, and this is where you get to see a good glimpse of what is next to come for your favorite soccer team.

The Coachella Valley Invitational is currently in their second year of hosting, but the potential for this professional gathering of clubs will only continue to get better and bigger. This is a great event for fan interaction with players, and you even get to see the other players interacting with members of other organizations. It is a very unique set up that allows personal connection to some of your favorite major league, soccer, and NSL players. Pair everything with perfect California sun, and you get an experience absolutely worth the money.

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