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Hector Herrera | The Houston Captain

Sometimes, when you’re in the presence of a star player, it is easy to see the impact they can make within their team. But being at PayPal Park over the weekend as the San Jose

Earthquakes hosted the Houston Dynamo, the game just seemed to have a whole different feel to it. The energy in the air was electric as a Mexican International Star Hector Herrera took the pitch alongside his teammates. Even just from the pregame warm-ups you could tell that although they were having a good time, getting ready for the game that within the flip of a switch they can get locked in and that showcase itself once the whistle blew for the start of the matchup.

Hector Herrera during warm-ups with Houston Dynamo

(Image Credits: Rocha Multimedia/Tectonic Takes)

For my assignment, I had the honor to be able to focus on the Houston captain. As a Futbol fan I keep an eye of all the leagues being played and over course keep eyes on international play. Hector Herrera has been a staple for the Mexican International team, and has been a major factor for his clubs which include Atletico Madrid, and Porto. His leadership on the pitch has always been noticeable and his play stands out, and this was a similar sight on the pitch against the Quakes.

Hector Herrera free-kick attempt vs. San Jose (Image Credits: Rocha Multimedia/Tectonic Takes)

It seemed that no matter where the ball was traveling on the pitch, Hector Herrera was directing traffic. The way he was getting in position and leading his teammates into the right position reminded me of something that you would see on the basketball court. There was tons of communication and signals from the captain that seemingly motioned his teammates to get in the right position for majority of the match. Considering that the only scores come up from both of the teams, were penalties the match was really good and competitive. They were parts that were chippy, but you could feel the energy that this game meant a little more. Overall the performance from the captain is a prime example of why he has been successful in multiple different teams, providing different forms of leadership within the locker room, and pure class when he is on the pitch. You could see the respect that his teammates have for him, and you could also see it from the opposing side. Although the Earthquakes got the win, it was a solid effort from the middle of the field and it was clear that Herrera had a role in that.

Hector Herrera after a Houston goal vs. San Jose (Image Credits: Rocha Multimedia/Tectonic Takes)


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