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History Made in San Jose | Seattle @ San Jose

History was made at PayPal park in San Jose California as Cristian Espinoza becomes the all-time assist leader in San Jose Earthquakes, club history.

Cristian Espinoza taking a penalty (July 12th, 2023)

Espinoza was able to get the ball to Miguel Trauco. Who then rocketed the ball towards the right corner on a spectacular finish to get to San Jose Earthquakes a 2-0 lead against the Seattle Sounders. Espinoza already was able to get a point on the board for San Jose earlier with a penalty kick to give the earthquakes an early lead in the first half. San Jose, this season continues to be a team that is in contention for a playoff spot, and deserves to have the respect that they have earned with their play under head coach Luchi Gonzalez.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this team just has something different going for them this year, and have displayed great play during this season. The shot opportunities have been constant throughout the season, and the Quakes are taking advantage of it all.

For the remaining of the match, the fans continued to chant Espinoza’s name, and chants in support of the team, the team continues to give reasons for even the most casual fan of soccer to come to San Jose and watch this team continue to surprise more and more people.

Images below of the moment after the Earthquakes record was broken, including other images from the match-up between San Jose and Seattle Sounders:


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