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Jose Rocha | Levi's Recap

As of this point, I’ve been able to fully digest the importance of the moment that I was able to have when I walked onto the Levi’s Stadium field for the first time on a game day.

When I went to the stadium for media day, you could feel the energy already seeming to form due to the pending matchup between the San Jose Earthquakes, and LAFC. Just being able to walk into a stadium, no fans and really no noise, but knowing that the stadium was about to be filled with over 40,000 fans in the following few days was a feeling I couldn’t describe. From the first walk-in to walking out of.the stadium, the 49ers staff was amazing. They couldn't have been better hosts, and I would like to personally thank the security staff, cooking staff, the elevator staff who helped with directions, the media team members, and everyone connected to Levi's Stadium.

Stepping out onto the field for the first time I walked behind Cristian Espinoza. While I walked through the tunnel and see the sun start to show itself I was able to quickly have a moment within myself where I saw every stage of my career with a flash. In any field there is so many different factors, but being a creative it’s even more critical. There is a lot of

competition, there is lots of self criticism, there’s tons of success and failures. The most important thing I had to adjust to was to silencing the noise, and just stay true to myself. I really just put my goals into a tunnel, mentally, so I could just focus on getting towards it no matter what was in the way. This is the mindset that has helped me start from drawing a logo on binder paper hoping to get myself to new heights. Fast forwarding to now walking into Levi’s Stadium with my brand on the clothing I was wearing representing me and everything I’ve built.

The game, as expected, was a great game to be apart of. It is always a bigger game, from a fan standpoint, when it is the San Francisco Bay Area vs. Los Angeles. There were so many different things that made this game really stand out. From walking in with the fans, to the singing of the national anthem, and even just hearing the announcements of the players, as they walked onto the field, this was different. The game itself was really good. Both teams went back and forth, but San Jose won the game coming off a penalty kick scored by Cristian Espinoza, who has continued to be a major playmaker. His performances continue to show his impact on his teammates as a team player and on the league itself. The energy was electrifying, and after the 2nd Espinoza goal I literally had goosebumps from the roar of the crowds, the excitement of over 40,000 people, and the fact that time stopped for me to again realize the importance of the moment.

I can’t really describe how I felt in the moment, but I know that I deserved to finally be in a scene like this. This game has been circled on the calendar since the I could not wait to make it to the stadium for game day. Being able to share my experience with my family and loved ones, friends, and of course, my team from Area Sports & Tectonic Takes was just something the unthinkable. I can still see myself sitting up inside PayPal Park, telling myself one day that I would be on that field photographing, but I never thought it would lead to me being on the field of Levi’s Stadium. Feeling the sun hit the field, seeing the pitch from the press box, and stepping onto the grass for the first time was just unimaginable. Im humble enough to appreciate every moment in the moment, but I also am humble enough to know that I’ve deserved something like this. I was able to take in the moment, and really just be proud of myself, my accomplishments, and the journey that led me to where I’m at now with my life. I get to be able to do what I love. I get to contribute to a team that is covering a team that seems to be parallel to my own journey. We are both raising up to new heights. By this point I’ve been able to cover a good amount of games for the San Jose Earthquakes, and I’ve enjoyed every single moment. The entire organization is class on and off the pitch, and I have nothing but love to the individuals who don the Earthquakes logo, and the people behind the scenes. This is including all of the others teams I’ve been able to work with directly as well including Houston Dynamo (MLS), LAFC (MLS), and Monterey Bay FC (USL). As we move forward into the heart of the season, I look forward to seeing what next for the Quakes and what’s next for me. I know that whatever the goal that I have I will be able to achieve it, and once that becomes the mindset and you embody it you can achieve anything.


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