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Match-Up Preview: Seattle Sounders @ San Jose Earthquakes

While the Sounders have been tasting success, the San Jose Earthquakes are hungry to make their mark. With the guidance of head coach Luchi Gonzalez, the Earthquakes have adopted an exciting and attacking style of play that has caught the attention of fans across the league resulting in impressive play, this season, from San Jose. The Earthquakes have been pretty impressive this year with only one loss at home this season. Seattle has been impressive this season, in their own right, producing one of the better records in the West with a total of 35 points up to this point.

Daniel defending against LA Galaxy

So far the record for these teams head-to-head resulted in a San Jose road win, and a 2-2 draw earlier in the 2023 season. The Sounders aim to maintain their position as one of the top teams in the Western Conference, while the Earthquakes run looks like they will stop at nothing to secure their spot in the postseason. Both teams have showcased great play, and we will look forward to the teams coming together for an exciting match-up once again.

Being on the pitch for the Earthquakes this season, I have been able to really see the unity the club has right now, and it has seemed to be a different approach all season. No matter the situations, including losing players to international play, the club has seemed to be able to still be competitive with support from Daniel, JT Marcinkowski, Bouda, Kikanovic, Thompson, Judson, and others. All the players have contributed to the run the Earthquakes have been on, and you can see it in the players on and off the field. With this being the final home game until 8/30/2023, this looks to be a good match-up, and a good send off for the Quakes here at the midpoint of the season.

Seattle @ San Jose (Paypal Park in San Jose, California)

Kickoff - 7:30PM with Gates opening at 5:30PM

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