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Radiating Success: 'Fallout' Series Illuminates the Path from Game Console to TV Screen

Amazon and MGM have finally released the highly anticipated series "Fallout" based off the popular video game series from Bethesda.

If you are a fan of the video game series you will feel like this is a show leading into a future game, yet giving call backs to your favorite elements of the series. When it comes to video games being brought to the big screen, there has been mixed productions which have given mixed reviews. We have seen most recently "Halo" from Paramount+ bring a video game story to life. Although that show has had mixed reviews, this Amazon/MGM production gives you all the reasons to sit back, and enjoy the ride just like how you would by playing the "Fallout" video game.

In the realm of post-apocalyptic fiction, few universes hold as much allure and intrigue as that of Fallout. From its inception as a groundbreaking video game series to its evolution into a cultural phenomenon, Fallout has captivated audiences with its rich lore, immersive world-building, and compelling narratives. Now, fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Fallout TV show, which promises to bring the wasteland to life in a whole new way. The show does a great job tying the video game into the series, and gives a great introduction to those not familiar with the game. The show, just like the game, is based in a post-apolcolytic setting following the main character, and their journey leaving the underground "Vault" and their journey within the post-war surface named the"Wasteland."

The show fast forwards into the future, after the nuclear strikes, where we are introduced to Lucy MacLean (portrayed by Ella Purnell) who is a member of Vault 33, located in Los Angeles, which has survived more than 200+ years underground after the nuclear strikes across the United States.

The vaults purpose is to get people ready to live on the surface and repopulate after the radiation clears. How did they select who was going into the Vault? How did Lucy, and the other vault dwellers continue life underground? You might just get that answer, but you'll also have a lot of other questions to ask. The people in the vault are about to realize that there were people who never made it into the vault. You will be introduced to Ghouls, The futuristic soldiers of The Brotherhood of Steel, Bounty Hunters, and so much more on the surface. After events to be seen, we follow Lucy in her journey across the "Wasteland" on a mission to right a wrong. Or that is what she is thinking she is doing anyway.. In "Fallout" there is a lot of action, and a lot to follow as you join to find out what is happening on the surface. What happened after the nukes dropped? The answers to the question are live on Amazon Prime Video streaming the entire season of 8 episodes.

There has already been a lot of speculation that there will be a season two after California's film commission has given tax credits to series including Fallout already. This is only after a couple days of the episodes being out. If this isn't a sign that this series is only going to get better than I don't know what else to say. So kick back, maybe with a Nuka Cola, and happy streaming.

Image from Amazon Prime Video / MGM


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