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Review: The Family Plan (Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ has taken a major step on the streaming world becoming a staple for original content including original series, and movies. Their production is cinematic similar to Max (HBO Max), and they have a variety of different content that can suit the need for any viewer, and this applies to one of their newest film titled "The Family Plan" which stars, and is produced by, Mark Wahlberg.

The film features a plot in which Wahlberg plays Dan Morgan, a used-car salesman who is hiding his secret life as a skilled assassin from his family. As the film progresses, you can see key elements that tie his hidden life, and his life as a father. The movie was entertaining, and is made for the person who is looking to watch a movie that blends action, humor, and an all around good popcorn film. Although the script type is easy to decode, it still is a fun movie that all ages can enjoy. All the main actors were showcased well in roles that allowed them all to have a part that impacted the film. The film made it easy to get invested into the storyline, and with a runtime of 119-minutes it will do it's job as just a good film.

This is a film for the person who is looking to have a movie on, and just sit back to have a good time. This is not a typical suspense chase type movie, but it did have nice mix of things that make this movie one that I would recommend to add to your watch list.

The film features other cast members such Ciarán Hinds, Maggie Q, Zoe Colletti, Van Crosby and Miles Doleac.


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