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Thrilling Must Watch: “Fool Me Once” on Netflix

The Netflix show "Fool Me Once" has been taking over some of the headlines as one of the more popular shows over the last few weeks, and is currently ranked the number one thriller shows via Google search. And after concluding the show in its entirety, I can 100% agree. The main story is connected to a story written/created by Harlan Coben in 2016, and now in 2024 it is a show that should be on your watch list.

Once beginning to watch this show, you will not want stop. It's a show that has you questioning everything, and even when you think that you have an idea of how things will turn out, it makes another twist that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Although the show is listed as a thriller, it is able to combine so many aspects that made the execution that much better. "Fool Me Once" has elements of thrill, drama, action, and tons of expense, that makes this show one that you cannot miss.

Netflix started the year off with an excellent release. The execution of the script really makes a viewer, create countless of questions and different views of how their involvement will be. It allows you to become your own detective, but once you think that you know what's going to happen, you'll be in for it a even bigger surprise.

The way the show was designed was to be a one season thrill ride, so going into this series, know that what you're watching is a story that will have a beginning and a full conclusion at the end. The non-spoiler recap follows the events of a family that has experienced two of their family members being murdered. The show takes place with their adjustments to the loss, and leads to up to the events after Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) discovers her thought-to-be murdered husband Joe intruding her home. "Fool Me Once" showcases an investigation launched by Maya, and how others are also involved in a possible connection between the deaths of the family members...and potentially others. Join in one the mystery yourself, and see if you can discover the clues, or lack thereof, in " Fool Me Once" streaming exclusive to Netflix.

The mini-series showcases the talents, and fantastic performance of the actors such as:

Michelle Keegan playing Maya Stern

Adeel Akhtar playing Sami Kierce

Joanna Lumley playing Judith Burkett

Richard Armitage playing Joe Burkett

James Northcote playing Neil Burkett

Laurie Kynaston playing Corey Rudzinski

Dino Fetscher playing Marty McGreggor

Emmett J Scanlan playing Shane Tessier


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