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Transfer Talks: Earthquakes Cade Cowell to Chivas?

As the MLS season gets closer, the rest of the world gets closer to their transfer windows. San Jose, earthquakes, young star cade Cowell has been connected to transfer, talk in recent memory, but there seems to be another official offer from a team that most people might not have been thinking, wasn't play.

The Mexican club Chivas has submitted a formal request for purchase to the San Jose Earthquakes according to reports verified by Favian Renkel, Tom Bogert, and Rodrigo Camacho.

The Earthquakes young talent has been able to draw attention over his play with San Jose, and even more recently with the USMNT (8) appearances that he had in 2023. He has been a starter for the earthquakes over the last few years, but he hasn't been able to get onto the scoring sheet as often as he would like. He does have a total of 10 MLS regular season goals with the San Jose, but is consistently getting the ball in the areas for other people in order to create opportunity. Being able to witness him in every single home game for the San Jose earthquake last year you could see that the potential is through the roof for Cade Cowell, it appears that other teams are taking notice.

In the 2023 season, there is rumors that teams were Cade Cowell as an addition, but the talks seemed to have stalled due to the hesitation of the San Jose Earthquakes. For the most part Cowell was able to play pretty much every game that he could with the San Jose earthquakes outside of the United States national team break. Well, he was with the United States national team. He was able to login appearances as they pushed through the competition. He was even able to score a goal. But it became very noticeable that he was somebody to be on the lookout for and it's a parent that there seems to be a minor ramp up of interest since. The Chivas are a team that came out of the field, but it appears that they do have serious interest in purchasing the rights for his service of play.

For now we will have to be playing the waiting game to see if San Jose accepts the move, but San Jose is already made some interesting decisions, moving into the 2024 season, and we will see if this allows them to continue their form, and potentially make another playoff run this upcoming season as they were able to make it into the wildcard in the previous year.

Will we see Cade Cowell make the move to Liga MX's Chivas, or will we see Cowell take his next steps still under the Earthquakes crest? Or perhaps is there another team who will come into play?

Rocha Report | Rocha Multimedia


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